Embrace the new age of online tutoring.

Encourage a love of learning

Nothing boosts a child’s confidence like success. We’ve found that KipOnline™ students are more focused, less distracted, and are actually proactive when it comes to  homework! Kicking those learning goals can make a world of difference to your child’s self esteem and encourage their love of learning.

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Why KipOnline™

A world first – face to face interactive and online tutoring, anywhere, in real time. Connect with your tutor from home – no more frantic drop offs and pick ups after school. With a programme specifically designed for your child, we’ll help them to reach their full potential. And it’s fun!

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Book a FREE assessment today

Your child is individually assessed to determine their strengths and weaknesses. Assessments are obligation free.  If tutoring is required, a customised programme is then designed to specifically suit your child’s needs. Call 033300 65885 today (local call charge), or book online.

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What is Online Tutoring?

Learn more about this innovative home tuition programme.

KipOnline™ is the UK’s only supplementary tuition programme that offers face-to-face lessons with a live tutor – online and in real time. Combining higher student productivity, increased effectiveness and unmatched convenience – KipOnline™ is the future of tutoring.

Led by qualified and experienced teachers, your child will have access to the same programme and materials used at all Kip McGrath centres. Increase your child’s engagement and love of learning today.

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"My son loves going online every week with his tutor and he's really come so far even in a few short weeks. Really recommend online tutoring to anyone whose kid needs a little bit of help. She makes it fun! It's so easy for me too as I don't need to drive anywhere - bliss!"

− Mum of Runi G

"My 8 year old boy has been struggling with wanting to write for the past few months. He started tutoring online only a few weeks ago and I've never seen him so excited about learning! He looks forward to his online sessions so much."

− Mum of Runi G

"Online tutoring has hugely increased our son's self-confidence and self-esteem! At first we didn't think he would benefit as there would be no classroom contact. We were proven wrong immediately. In just 6 months his assessment results jumped from 25% to 85%!"

− Mum of Caleb S

"It’s fun and there are no distractions. I wish I could do this instead of going to school every day."

− Mitchell T

"I like it because I can stay at home and don’t miss out on my tea although I miss the local bakery next to the Centre!"

− Jak K

"I love the challenge of making a bond with the child from the moment you go on camera. We can do the whole thing online from initial assessment, to teaching the program to reporting both using parent and report/sms and talking to the parent on camera."

− Annie H, KipOnline Tutor

"Thank you so much Kip for starting up your online tutoring service … Not only is it fantastic, I love the fact that my girls can still communicate face to face and get all the benefits included in classroom teaching. If it wasn’t for online tutoring my youngest daughter wouldn’t get the help she needed for maths. So thank you Kip McGrath for always thinking and giving the kids the best opportunity for learning."

− Sam E mum of Olivia and Faith

"I love Kip Online as I like the one on one time with the teacher, it is quieter and less distraction."

− Faith E

"I really love Kip Online because it means I don’t have to leave my mum and can stay home. I can concentrate more because there is only Karen and I except at the beginning and the end when we all chat. I really like when I don’t understand something and Karen can draw on the computer screen to teach me."

− Olivia E
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